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Shanghai Liangju explosion proof electrical equipment factory is a professional production of various kinds of explosion-proof electrical equipment, instrument, box, Box, cabinet manufacturers, their products (marked EX) with reference to the International Electrotechnical Institute IEC standard, The European Community EN standard, German standard VDE and explosion-proof guide Japan, according to the national GB3836 "With the explosion-proof electrical equipment" standard production explosive environment. Products by the national explosion-proof matter Detection center strict inspection, made explosion-proof certification.

Shanghai Liangju explosion proof electrical equipment factory has a professional design team, design new products Ying, reliable performance, with explosion-proof, anti-corrosion products, waterproof, dustproof function, and body Small volume, light weight, convenient installation, complete specifications, and can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, Light industry, medicine, military and other enterprises. Electrical switch Shanghai Liangju characteristic used national supporting project export to Middle East, free assembly composite Operating post, according to the requirements of users can install or function, praised by the majority of users at home and abroad.

Factory quality policy: quality products, satisfactory service, establish our reputation;
To strict management, test accurately, get the trust of users;
Never to meet our pursuit of refine on, is our commitment.

Shanghai Liangju explosion proof electrical equipment factory warmly welcome all design institute, the construction units and ancillary works, new and old customers and friends to visit and give guidance!